Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More on Vinum i Aqua

In regards to 'Where Cherry Blossoms Breeze Past Lotus Leaves' in 'White Pigeons,' I thought I went through every volcanic cluster, graphing combustible passings in the Atlantic where the margins of moment get their edit on, but really -- what fun would it be if I didn't miss the keystone entirely!
In Madiera (so I stumbled upon too late) they pray on the precipice of the Holy Ghost! In Madiera, an island whose name is etymologically tied to "matter" worships the piece of the Trinity with the least representations thereof! Cheers to Christianity for gracing us with an inbetween more enigmatic and religious than any other faith on the globe! It both makes up for and explains the filler surrounding it. It is the Holy Ghost that perverts the Catholic and aren't we all happier for it? And Jesus, does he not come to us in the form of a flaming tongue? How how'd I overlook Madiera! Yes, I say extract the Holy Ghost from history and God would have abandoned us long long ago, for it is hardly an overstatement to proclaim the Holy Ghost IS/AS faith. My namesake, St. Christopher, patron saint of both travellers and the Irish-gypsy Travellers, was decanonized in 1969 when man landed on the moon. The Church, having learned nothing from Capernicus it seems, thought man travelled blasphemously too far, too close too the heavens, which leaves me blowing in the wind amidst Cherry Blossoms and Lotus leaves. No worries you see, I'm happy to let it go, but do we need to continue meeting in the middle See; i.e. I'm taking the Holy Ghost with me while I renounce my faith. And yes, this would all be enough to cement my argument about times out of time, but of course as I speak of Trinities I also know that all things come in twos and thus there was even more I overlooked about Madiera: from the days of scattered outposts to the birthing of our wet nation, all wine supplied to America came from Madiera. Their fortified port built our fortified ports, unless we were drinking home brewed meads and malts. Washington loved beer. Jefferson and Franklin loved port, and when push comes to shove I choose the latter bunch. We drink wine to transubstantiate into Trinities and in order to transcend this matter we must first admit we're also made way way of it: the Romans believed to enhance an orgy properly one need only mix 1/3 wine with 2/3 water.

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